Lifestyle & Rehabilitation

Increase your well-being

mobility Medline-Super-Lightweight-Rollator-Walker-P11880487.jpg


- Wheelchairs

- Walkers (wheeled & framed)

- Crutches

- Walking Sticks (regular & foldable)

- Folding stick seats

footcare aircast-airselect-standard-walker-boot.jpg

Foot Care

- Extensive range of silicon cushions & supports

- Foot warmers and massagers

- AIRCAST boots

- Wide variety of insoles/arch supports/ heel cushions

- Dressings for; corn, callous, blisters, bunions

- Toe stabilizers


Home Care

- Pressure/Posture care; Pillows, wedges, seat raisers, bed raisers

- Hand Reachers (grabbers)

- Weighing Scales

excersise workoutmorning.jpg

Exercise & Therapy

- Hot & cold therapy packs

- Magnetic therapy patches

- Physiotherapy bands

- Sports Strength tape

- Exercise Balls

- Hand exercisers

- Hot water bottles

- Thermal pillows



med appliances LittmannMasterClassicIIStethoscope_a.jpg

Medical Appliances

- Blood pressure monitors

- Blood glucose monitors

- Air humidifiers

- Pulse Oximeters

- Nebulisers

- Thermometers

- Stethoscopes

- Tens machines

- Surgical masks

medical compression expert-20-36-thigh-stockings.jpg

Medical Compression

Available (Sigvaris & T.E.D.) in different compression classes:

- Class 1 (min) - Flight socks, 15-18 mmHg graduate support

- Class 2 - 15-21 mmHg compression

- Class 3 (max) - Custom made according to measurements.

* We offer advice and measurement services at no extra cost.

bracing & supports donjoy-armor-knee-brace_4.jpg

Braces & Supports

We cover a very wide range of braces & straps for all body parts and most Injuries.

We specialize in fitting and advising on hard knee braces treating ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL injuries as well as osteoarthritis. We are an authorized dealership of two of the leading companies in this field (Bauerfeind & DJO Global). An onsite fitting room equipped with all the specific measuring instruments to ensure we can supply you with a suitable product. Whether custom made or "off the shelf", our trained fitters can guarantee a knee brace perfect for you. 

toileting ezkom_solo-skandia-raised-toilet-seat-and-frame-vr157-1.jpg


- Raised toilet seats

- Incontinent Pants & Pads

- Urinals

- Bed protectors

- Portable toilets & frames

- Bath & shower seats

- Bath & shower boards

- Bathroom rails

- Bath & shower mats